Managing or Maintaining Knowledge?

Setting up knowledge management doesn’t start with a knowledge centralising tool. Nor with a few trainings. It starts with setting a strategy.

As a knowledge partner to many companies, we help develop a knowledge and learning strategy as well as setting processes and roles for knowledge management. Ideally before any tool has been acquired.

We work system independently. That’s how we chart the ideal knowledge database model for your company and fill it with the knowledge present in your company.

Knowledge management is:

  • A data bank of learning objects (knowledge ‘nuggets’)
  • Types: presentation – simulation – attachments -’how to’ – FAQ – guides -…
  • Valuable e-learning also available
  • Bundled in different collections (one nugget with various appearances)
  • Published via a portal:
    • ‘Visible’ content specified to an individual /user type and branch (LDAP)…
    • Free or guided perspective per role and language.
    • With a search function that works with keyword(s)
    • Possibly integrated in a ‘Learning Management System’ (LMS)

“Spreading the knowledge guru risks safeguarding knowledge”

Our activities:

Knowledge management (KM): development and execution of a strategy and roadmap

Performance support (PS): support for end users ‘in the moment of the need’.

Learning consultancy and content creation for the current e-learning tools