Custom Software

Software Training

Your employees learn to work with software and applications efficiently – that’s our goal. With hands-on software training for end users – taught by experienced IT trainers. Plus a functional outlook towards software implementation. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. For SAP, Microsoft Dynamic Navision or custom software. For diverse sectors – also for retail. A custom ERP package or IT application for your company? Need CRM training? Need to tweak business intelligence knowledge? Our experience weighs in – every time.

And we support from A to Z: project development, change management, documentation, training, coaching & support. Our goal? Teach your employees to work with your custom software or IT application in a structured way. Saves time and money during the day-to-day.

Lots of IT projects aren’t just technical. Internal communication, training development for custom software, teachings, creation of documentation, logistical support… Lending insight to the full process and making the right choices during the SAP project development also impact the budget.

GS Training & Knowledge Management is here to share knowledge. That’s how we can help you develop a concept and set up a budget. IT project development – independent of a tool!

Are you ready for an IT change trajectory with full user commitment? We know how! A top down approach creates an active manager ambassadorship. A parallel bottom up approach for a wide knowledge base in your organisation. A knowledge base that climbs up the hierarchy.

Because you’re not only implementing  your custom software going live as efficiently as possible, you’re investing in getting the most out of IT implementation for the next 5, 10 or 15 years. What you’ll need: a long term strategy that contributes to the ‘envisioned’ ROI.

GS Training & Knowledge Management has defined both methods and tools for the practical application of IT training. You decide which services you’d like to outsource.

The first step in starting a new project is our TNA: Training Need Analysis. This will map out all positions and their skill needs in your company which need to be executed at the start of a new ERP package and linked to training needs. The result is a detailed report containing a course catalogue – who will need what knowledge, the timing and budget.

Multimedia is key in our process of creating documentation. With an eye for the right and optimum implementation of training needs. We develop the training and instruction plan for your organisation based on role based learning need analysis and thorough ‘I KnoW’ analysis. Process flows, manuals, e-learning, help cards and class presentations for support throughout the learning process.

E-learning – we know it inside out. It’s how we make learning activities interactive. With a focus on the development and controlling of learning processes and learning materials in your ERP package. Plus a clear vision on knowledge management. We can advise you on our e-learning and TTS knowledge management tool, as well as working with your companies’ own system.

A clearly budgeted and timed offer and approach for the training trajectory. Our trainers combine the strongest educational elements with adult education to produce an ambitious learning curve. A learning process is more than an intervention in a classroom. It can be referenced by the most compatible forms of instruction, coaching sessions and workshops. In a custom built mix.

Or use our support during and after the go-live, help desk training, problem solving with tracking and problem documenting… Your organisation will come out of the SAP implementation stronger!